keynotes & Special talks

Invited Speakers

Innovation Science in Digital Enterprises
Professor Andrew Kusiak
Professor, Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Iowa Informatics Initiative
Special Talk A
Augmented Creativity: patterns, program, patents
Dr. Simon Dewulf
Managing Director, AULIVE
Special Talk B
Practice and Exploration of Industrial Internet on Plastic Processing Industry
Dr. Ren-Horng Maa
General Manager of Guangdong Techmation Co., Ltd.,
Special Talk C
Matrix 2022: A New Contradiction Paradigm
Professor Darrell Mann
Professor, CEO of Systematic Innovation Network
Special Talk D
Systematic Innovation: why it is so difficult to think systematically?
Dr. Nikolay Bogatyrev
Director, BioTRIZ
Patent technical analysis: overview, principles, and examples
Professor D. Daniel Sheu
Professor Emeritus, National Tsing Hua University
President, International Society of Innovation Methods