Video conference notice

Considering accessibility from various countries, the conference organizer has selected the Cisco WebEx system for internet conference. The Program Brochure that you will receive contains the access information for all the plenary sessions and parallel sessions among other information necessary for attending the conference. If you do not receive the program brochure 2 days before the conference, please notify so that a copy can be resent to you.

  • Session A: 2020/10/07 (W) (China 11:00A,UK 5:00A,Korea/Japan 12:00P,India 08:30A); (2020/10/06 US Eastern Time 23:00,US Pacific time 20:00)
  • Session B: 2020/10/10 (Sa) (China 18:30, UK 11:30,Korea/Japan 19:30,India 16:00); (2020/10/9 US Eastern Time 6:30,US Pacific time 3:30)

The conference test link is as follows:

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