Keynotes & Tutorials

 Keynotes and tutorials by world renowned experts on strategic innovation directions or tools are included for great learning and networking, including but not limited to:

 TRIZ Master Simon Litvin

 Ph.D., Chairman, TRIZ Master Certification Council; CEO GEN TRIZ

Keynote: Advanced TRIZ Methodology - Development Directions

Tutorial: Parallel Evolutionary Lines

TRIZ Master Zinovy Royzen

Founder and President of TRIZ Consulting, Inc.

Keynote: Experience of TRIZ Proliferations in Industries: Success Stories and Lessons Learned

Tutorial: Breakthrough Innovation by Conflict Solving

Professor Oliver Yu

Founder and CEO, The STARS Group, Chairman of the Board, Global Alliance for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Keynote: Innovation Management for the 21st Century: A People-Centered and Value-Focused Approach

Keynote: An Integrated Perception and Thinking Framework for Productive Creativity

Professor Denis Cavallucci

INSA Graduate School of Technology

Keynote: Industry 4.0 and TRIZ: Learning to invent in a digital world

Professor Andrew Kusiak

Editor-in-chief, Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing; Professor, University of Iowa

Keynote: Innovation Science and Applications: A Big Data Perspective