The 7th International Conference on Systematic Innovation (ICSI)

ICSI 2016 is the seventh international edition of a prestigious series of conferences coordinated by the Society of Systematic Innovation (Taiwan). This series of conferences started in 2010 and they are focused on Strategic & Business Aspects of Systematic Business Innovation, Technical Aspects of Systematic Product/Process/Service Innovation, Computer-Aided Innovation and other new tools, theories, and applications that are related to or can be integrated with systematic innovation such as patent re-generation, circumvention, enhancement, etc.

These topics associated with Systematic Innovation Training, Teaching & Coaching, Open Innovation & Collaboration for Systematic Innovation, Design Thinking for Systematic Innovation and Creativity in Systematic Innovation, have made the most significant advances in recent years. Important and radical improvements in products/processes/organizations can be made by the use of the latest advances in Systematic Innovation.
Contributions in the fields of Business systems, Competitive product design and innovation, Decision Analysis and Methods, e-Business and e-Commerce, Ecological Engineering, Engineering Economy and Cost Analysis, Engineering Education and Training, Global Manufacturing and Management, Green Supply Chain, Human Factors, Information Flow, Processing and Engineering, Intelligent Systems, Inventory Optimization, Knowledge Management, Lean Management, Logistics Management, Manufacturing Systems & Strategy, Organization Management, Production Planning and Control, Project Management, Quality management and Six Sigma, Queue Optimization, Reliability and Maintenance Engineering, Safety, Security and Risk Management, Service Innovation and Management, Supply Chain Management, Systems Modeling and Simulation, Technology and Knowledge Management will be welcome.

ICSI 2016 will be held in July 20-22, 2016 in Lisbon, Portugal, and it is organized by the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and the Society of Systematic Innovation.

Journal Publication of Selected Papers

Authors of Selected papers will be invited to submit an extended version of full paper for review and potential publication in the International Journal of Systematic innovation or in the special issue on Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing (JIM).​

The 6th Global Competition on Systematic Innovation (GCSI)

Types of Projects:
1. New product/device invention or innovative improvements
2. Innovative Process Improvement or invention
3. Innovative Service model or Processes
4. Others
All teams from all sectors are welcome.
Judges of the review committee will be composed of international experts in related fields of systematic innovation.
The awards will be allocated based on the quality of the innovations. Gold medals, Silver medals, Bronze medals, and Honorable Mentions will be awarded.
All Awardees will be presented with certificates and appropriate medals in the closing ceremony of the 2016 International Conference on Systematic Innovation.
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