1.  Which airport is the closest airport?

- Gimpo airport is closer than Incheon airport.

 - If you want detailed information about the way to Conference venue, Please refer to next page.(First picture is The map of from Gimpo airport to Conference Venue, and Second picture is The map of from Incheon airport to Conference Venue. Please confirm each of map.)

*Gimpo airport » Yeonsei University

1.     By Subway
Gimpo airport station (Line 5) » Sinchon station (Line 2) Exit 2 or 3 » 15 minutes by foot

2.     By Limousine Bus
Gimpo airport Limousine Bus: 
No. 601
First Departure:  04:00    Fare: 6,500 KRW
Gimpo airport » Sinchon station(Line 2) (get off limousine) » (by subway)

      Sinchon station (Line 2) ) Exit 2 or 3 » 15 minutes by foot


*Incheon airport » Conference Venue - Yeonsei University

1.     By Taxi
A regular taxi (Il-Bahn-Taxi) that is not black, it will cost approximately 60,000 KRW to go directly from the

      airport to Yeonsei University.

A deluxe taxi(Mo-Beom-Taxi), which is black in color, as well as more spacious and comfortable,

it will cost about 75,000 KRW. (The taxi fare may vary depending on traffic.)

2.     By Limousine Bus
Incheon airport Limousine Bus: 
No. 6011
First Departure:
04:20    Fare: 10,000 KRW
Incheon airport » 
Yeonsei University