Topics of interest (tracks) include, but are not limited to:


I)  TRIZ related topics

A.      Development of TRIZ-based theories and tools.

B.      TRIZ-based opportunity identification and problem solving applications.

II) Non-TRIZ based systematic Innovation:

C.     Strategic & Business Aspects of Systematic Product/Process/Service Innovation

D. Technical Aspects of Systematic Product/Process/Service Innovation:

1)     Nature or bio-inspired Tools for Systematic Innovation

2)     Theories & Applications of Systematic Innovative Product/Process/System Designs

3)     Theories/Knowledge/Tools integrated with or related to Systematic Innovation tools such as:

Lateral Thinking, Vertical Thinking, 6 Thinking Hats, Neural Linguistic Programming, Axiomatic Design, VA/VE, 6 Sigma, QFD, Dominant Innovation Tools, Patent Management, etc.