l  Identify your preferences in the technical area(s) of interest listed above (tracks) in order to assist us in arranging your presentation at an appropriate session.

l  Submit either a 1-page abstract or an extended abstract of 2-3 pages to include contributions and main ideas sufficient for preliminary evaluation. Include the following details in your extended abstract/full paper:  Title, Name of Author(s), Affiliation(s), and full address of the corresponding author, including E-mail address, phone, and fax numbers. 1-page short abstracts are acceptable. Extended abstracts are encouraged for better evaluation. Please download templates from the ICSI web site. The ICSI conference will accept papers/presentations for final submissions in [full paper], [presentation file], or [full paper + presentation files]. Full papers should be in WORD or pdf format and Presentation files in power point format. To submit TRIZ papers to the Gobal TRIZCON 2012 in Korea, about 16 pages PPT file is expected.

Abstracts & Papers Templates:

Templates For Short               Abstract     

Templates For Extended        Abstract      

Templates For Full                    Paper       

Templates For Present