The 3rd Global Exhibition/Competition on Systematic Innovation (GESI)

Call For Project Exhibition/Competitions


Your outstanding innovation deserves Global Recognitions in the International Arena!  e-mail:

Accompanying Conference:

First place award: USD 1,000+gold medal

Second place award: USD 700+ gold medal

Third place award: Free conf. registration (~USD 500) +gold medal

Multiple gold/silver/bronze medals awards available

Live presentation of the project is a plus but not required but encouraged.

I.          Organizers:

Sponsor: The Society of Systematic Innovation (SSI)


II.       Background and Objectives

The goals of this global exhibition/competition are to promote systematic innovation and help the proliferation of innovation results. The Society of Systematic Innovation (SSI) establishes this Global Exhibition on Systematic Innovation (GESI) to nurture the ability to generate innovative ideas reliably. The GESI is organized in corporation with the “International Conference on Systematic Innovation” ( where papers are presented. You are also invited to submit your paper(s). Those who participate in both events will enjoy a special 20% discount on both sides.


III.   Categories of Competitions

Please specify proper category of competition as follows:

(A)       New product/device invention or innovative improvements

(B)        Innovative Process Improvement or invention

(C)       Innovative Service model or Processes

(D)       OthersSpecify for consideration


IV.   Awards

Multiple Gold, Silver, & Bronze medals will be awarded with certificates. The best 1~3 gold medalist projects will also be given monetary awards. (The Review Committee reserves the right to adjust the number of awardees based on the quality of the projects.)


V.    Important dates:

-         Registration deadline: March 30, 2013

-         Due date for project submissions: April 30, 2013

-         Notification of first screening results: May 30, 2013

-         Final exhibition & Award: June 27-29, 2013 at ICSI conference, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

-         Global award announcement on web site: by July 31, 2013.

2.      Other details & updates: See the conference website and download / upload the relevant information.  

3.      In case needed, the address for project CD/DVD submission is:

GESI Program, The Society of Systematic Innovation

6th Fl., # 352, Section 2, Guan-Fu Road, Hsinchu, Taiwan 300

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